Desk Controller

Sustainability and occupancy data

Kahu’s desk controller is a modular device that makes any desk smart, helps you monitor occupancy accurately and drives sustainability benefits.  

It includes a sensor unit that sits under the desk which detects when someone is using it, and a power control module that can turn the power on and off to the desk. 

Once checked-in, the desk powers up, becoming usable. Unreserved and non-checked-in desks stay powered off, reducing energy consumption and ensuring accurate occupancy data. 

Together these features provide rich and accurate data for powerful and actionable office insights and ensures that wasted energy by unused desks is kept to a minimum.


Booking Kiosk

Book and view resources.

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Workplace App

Manage people and resources.

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User App

Pre-book resources from your device

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Booking Panel

Show whether a room is booked or in-use.

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Kahu’s desk booking system has given us some great benefits and its power switching control really makes it stand out from the crowd. The data it provides us allows us to make informed decisions about the size and use of our workspaces and it brings fantastic sustainability benefits as well.

Matt Tyler / Project Manager, Informa

Kahu has provided us with a simple and effective desk booking system which has been extremely fast to implement. Its interface is nice and clean with no snazzy designs and overkill of colours which makes it easy for everybody to use.

Romy van Wezel / Facilities Co-Ordinator, Yondr

Globally smart technology is key to drive productivity and efficiency of space and utilisation of the workplace. Kahu has one of the best teams around and the service they deliver is streets ahead.

Brett Niven / Head of Sales, Content + Cloud

Kahu is the smartest technology I’ve seen for smart buildings, desk efficiencies and supporting ESG strategies. It's a great suite of services and really ahead of the game.

Patrick Flannery / Managing Director, Flannery Plant Hire and Construction

Kahu has given us an efficient and easy to use smart workplace solution which has proven a hit with our workforce. Its simplicity of use and subsequent fast user adoption has helped us rollout our hybrid working model quickly.

I'd recommend Kahu to anybody who was looking for a smart workplace solution.

Ramanand Ladva / Hammersmith and Fulham Council