Kahu for Users: Providing a best-in-class visitor experience

We’re big believers that buildings should be designed around the people who use them. People should be at the heart of everything we do. It’s exactly why everything about Kahu is people-focused, from the user journey to the interfaces found on our apps and our physical booking panels and kiosks.

As hybrid working, remote working and hot-desking become increasing prominent in the role of the office, it’s vital that you use technology to optimise how your teams use your building. So we’ve picked out just a few ways Kahu can help your team every day.

Simple, stress-free experience

Kahu’s interfaces are built around simplicity and style. We want to give you an easy, quick and stress-free experience when it comes to navigating your working requirements. Kahu endeavours to deliver a no hassle experience for whenever you need to book a desk in the office or your preferred meeting room to host an important guest.  

It’s simple and stylish interface makes it easy to use and understand, whether you are using your laptop, mobile or tablet or Kahu’s booking panels and kiosks.  

“Kahu has provided us with a simple and effective desk booking system which has been extremely fast to implement. Its interface is nice and clean with no snazzy designs and overkill of colours which makes it easy for everybody to use.” Romy Van Wezel, Facilities Coordinator, Yondr

Enhanced Productivity

With the ability to book rooms or desks in advance, you can plan your work schedules more effectively. You can reserve spaces suitable for specific tasks or collaborate with colleagues in dedicated meeting rooms. This streamlines the workflow and minimises disruptions, resulting in improved productivity.

Seamless Integration

Kahu’s integrations with software such as Azure AD and Microsoft 365 helps deliver the best user experience possible. By using Kahu, calendars and communications are updated automatically, so you can always see which desks and rooms are booked at the touch of a button, rather than having to use a selection of apps or software to do separate jobs.

Access control integration also allows you to enter the building and check into your desks or room all using the same single system and access card.  

Want to find out how Kahu can help provide your team with a first-class hybrid working experience? Contact us to find out more about how Kahu can help you.