Kahu for FMs: Helping you operate, plan and manage your workspace

As the role of the office continues to evolve following the Covid-19 pandemic and the shift to hybrid working models, it’s never been more important for facilities managers to use data to work out how their spaces are utilised so they can optimise their buildings.

It’s also vital that the office is designed with people at its heart, which is where Kahu comes into it’s own by providing a hassle-free desk and room booking solution for users and guests to your building. Take a look below to find out how Kahu can help you in your role as a Facilities Manager.

Tools to help you plan your space

Kahu can provide optimisation and utilisation reporting of different workspaces, all of which can be seen in easily digestible formats via Kahu’s management dashboard.  Utilisation can be monitored hourly, daily or over any period of time to highlight peak, average and low usage points, providing the richest picture possible for usage of your space.

Kahu’s desk controllers provide accurate, easy to understand and useful data which enables you to make key decisions when looking to adapt and enhance your workspace.

Efficient Space Management

Facilities managers can gain better visibility into space utilisation trends and patterns through the data provided by Kahu. They can identify which areas are being used the most, peak usage times, and then optimise space allocation accordingly. This helps in maximising the usage of available space and reducing wasted resources.

Streamlined Booking and Reservations

The solution simplifies the booking process for facilities managers as well. They can easily manage and oversee desk and room reservations, monitor availability, and adjust as needed. Kahu’s integrations with software such as Office 365 eliminates the need for manual coordination and reduces the chances of conflicts or double bookings.

Operational Technology Identity and Access Management

Kahu offers operational technology identity and access management, which gives managers and administrators of buildings total control to giving users access to different parts of the building and its systems. This means private parts of a building or information can be kept secure at all times.  

If you’d like to find out more about Kahu, contact us and we’ll be happy to talk to you about how it can help.