Kahu for Building Owners: adding value to your buildings

Commercial real estate is experiencing a transient moment. Evolving working models, looming environmental and sustainability targets and rising tenant expectations have acted as a catalyst for an evolution in the role of the office.

Investing in a smart workplace solution like Kahu can help you take your buildings to the next level and help save energy and costs. If you’re a landlord, asset manager or developer, take a look below to find out how Kahu can add value to your buildings.

Deliver a first-class hybrid working model

The demand for flexible workspaces is growing, with more companies adopting remote and hybrid work models. Kahu can help landlords or developers to adapt to these changing needs by offering dynamic desk and room booking options to optimise the experience of those who work from and visit your buildings.

The occupation data delivered by Kahu also gives you an accurate insight into the use of your space, so you can make informed decisions on how you use your space.

Enhanced data for space optimisation

While many smart workplace solutions like Kahu deliver data about how your space is used, none are as accurate as Kahu’s. Kahu’s power switching control means those who book desks in a building must check in to a desk for them to be able to work. Kahu’s desk controller features occupancy sensors which measure when somebody sits or stands at the desk, and when it senses somebody’s presence, the power to the desk is switched on.

This gives reason for people to book a desk, check into it and update their bookings accurately, so the data you receive back when analysing your space is as useful as possible.

Sustainability benefits

As well as providing enriched optimisation data, Kahu’s power switching control also minimises your energy output by only supplying power to a desk when somebody has checked into a desk.

As businesses scramble to meet looming green targets, the efficiency of Kahu can help save on energy usage and costs.

Get ahead of the competition

Implementing a digital workspace solution like Kahu can set landlords and developers apart from their competition by showcasing their commitment to innovation and tenant satisfaction.

Prospective tenants increasingly value the convenience and efficiency offered by technology-enabled buildings, so by implementing Kahu your building could raise the bar and be seen as forward-thinking and tenant-centric. This differentiation can lead to increased demand, reduced vacancies, and ultimately, higher rental yields and property value.

Want to find out more? Contact us to discuss the potential Kahu can unlock in your buildings.