An introduction to Kahu and how it can help you 

Welcome to our new blog! We’re excited to welcome you and here you’ll be able to read the latest news about Kahu, hear about the latest features and follow our journey as we embark on a mission to elevate the workplace experience.

So for our first blog, we thought we’d give you a quick introduction to what Kahu is, and how it can help you provide an optimised experience within the office environment. Whether you’re a landlord or developer looking to add value to your buildings, a facilities manager trying to create the most efficient or innovative space possible or a business looking to provide a easy to use, intuitive desk and room booking solution for your teams, Kahu can help you.

If you have a spare couple of minutes on your lunch break or between meetings, take a read and we’ll out line a few key features which sets Kahu apart.

What is Kahu?

Kahu is a suite of smart technology products that will help you create a flexible, modern workplace. We believe all your workplace systems should work as one. The Kahu Smart Workplace solution unifies key technology touchpoints to create a seamless office experience.

It is made up of five different components which work in tandem to provide a seamless smart workplace solution which delivers a stress-free, intuitive experience for those who manage, use and visit your workspace.

  • Workplace App – which allows you to manage people and resources.
  • Booking Kiosk – enables you to book resources, such as rooms and desks.
  • Booking Panel – this shows whether a room is booked or in-use.
  • Desk Controller – Kahu’s Desk Controller can monitor occupancy, enable power control and more.
  • User App – allows users to pre-book resources.

Enhanced Data

Kahu can provide optimisation and utilisation reporting of different workspaces, all of which can be seen in easily digestible formats via Kahu’s management dashboard. Utilisation can be monitored hourly, daily or over any period of time to highlight peak, average and low usage points, providing the richest picture possible for usage of your space.

Kahu’s desk controllers provide accurate, easy to understand and useful data which enables you to make key decisions when looking to adapt and enhance your workspace.

Seamless Integration

Kahu’s integrations with software such as Azure AD and Microsoft 365 helps deliver the best user experience possible for your users.

By using Kahu, calendars and communications are updated automatically, so you can always see which desks and rooms are booked at the touch of a button. Access control integration also allows users to enter the building and check into their desks or room all using the same single system and access card.

Outstanding User Experience

Kahu’s interface is simple to use, easy to understand and can deliver a hassle-free experience for those managing and visiting your buildings every day.

It’s simple and stylish interface and integration with key software allows for fast adoption and easy onboarding for users.

The interface is also white labelled, meaning you can adapt the branding to your companies needs to fit seamlessly within your working environment.

Operational Technology Identity and Access Management

Kahu offers operational technology identity and access management, which gives managers and administrators of buildings total control to giving users access to different parts of the building and its systems. This means private parts of a building or information can be kept secure at all times.

If you’d like to find out more about Kahu, take a look at our website or contact us and we’ll be happy to talk to you about how it can help.